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Transition from Summer to Fall

September 6th 2019

The end of summer has come. Dreams are realized and some are abandoned. I got to see my extended family in New Hampshire where my wonderful sister and her delightful husband and marvelous daughter with marvelous husband and children and lavender cat Orchid live in the summers.  I painted paintings while there and friends and family bought them, which in turn inspired me to believe I could take one extra day off a week from the restaurant where I am a server… hence I am writing another entry in this blog~ in an attempt to do all I can to move things along in this world of my artwork.

Honestly, I have very little ability to separate any of it… I am taking time to upgrade my website now and writing feels an important part. Watercolours have inspired me of late. I am so delighted by the translucence . I won first place in the contemporary section of the Plein Air event in Livingston this summer! It feels pivotal somehow; like all things are possible.

I have been shipping artwork.

What’s not to like?

the whole crew in New Hampshire!

My fabulous brother Young!

Bill and Walker!

Lee and Marina!

DD and company!

Walker & most of Maggie’s fam.

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