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Yellowstone Art Auction 51

Holy Shit! I just did the math and now realize I have lived in Montana 46 years… for some reason that astounds me more than the fact that I am 67 years old. Ha!! well since I have self-identified as an artist even longer than that it means that just 5 years after this auction began… I started hearing about it. I always thought it was something that just happened to you… like you happen to have been painting all your life and someone ‘discovers’ you… like Lana Turner having an ice cream soda at Schwabs.

But a few years ago I learned you could apply… and this year, I did!!

I think all the good things that have happened to me lately have to do with getting cancer. It’s funny but every cancer survivor I spoke to after I was diagnosed told me that it is the oddest thing but this terrible news somehow causes you to change your life in just the way you hadn’t realized you needed to…but did. It’s a conundrum but I think I understand it now. It has to do with the basic premiss of death being inevitable. So if you are ever going to do the things you have intended for SOO long… the moment is now. It’s kind of an urgency infused with laissez faire… you best enjoy whatever it is you believe you must do~~ and kick other people’s judgement about that to the curb~~~ while still caring about them because that is the most important thing anyway.

For some reason, in my case, this is all very good for being prolific… or it could be that I have just worked for so many years that now it is paying off.

AND EVERY GOOD THING HAS TO DO WITH THE AMAZING GOOD FORTUNE I HAVE, through no good deed of my own, OF HAVING SUCH A FREAKING WONDERFUL SON!!  not only does he help me in EVERY physical way that he can, but also confers & counsels & commiserates…having this relationship is the most wonderful thing for me. It’s everything.

I did apply. And in a funny round-about way (too long of a story here) I did get in.

So the first two paintings in the ‘work’ section, are paintings in the ‘silent auction’ segment of this year’s auction. A good friend explained to me that is where everyone begins.

So… I begin.

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